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Episode 28: Jerry Kill- Former NCAA Head Coach

Episode 28 features the former head coach of the University of Minnesota, Jerry Kill.  Coach Kill talks about his career in coaching, his methods for building a staff and maintaining its loyalty, and the importance... Read More
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Episode 26: Drew Tate-Coastal Carolina/BC Lions

Season 2 Episode 1’s guest is former Coastal Carolina Defensive Analyst, and current BC Lions quarterbacks coach, Drew Tate.  Coach Tate shares with us his story as a player at the University of Iowa, and... Read More

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Reflections of a Runner-Up

***This post is written as a message to the Fairmont Football team of 2018.  It is my way of organizing my thoughts on this past season.  I hope my message and experience this past season…

Checklist For Offensive Lineman

Checklist for Offensive Lineman   This past season was the first year that I was able to coach the offensive line. Prior to this year, I’d predominantly worked with quarterbacks and wide receivers.  I enjoyed…

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