Episode 14: Scott Heitland-Dallas Center-Grimes (HC)

June 6, 2018

In Episode 14 our guest is Dallas Center-Grimes’ Head Coach, Scott Heitland. Coach tells us about his journey as a coach and explains some of his major influences as he progressed through the coaching ranks. Coach Heitland also explains his program and culture building strategies that he employs and details how he holds players accountable throughout the entirety of their decisions and careers. Along with sharing his offensive and defensive philosophies, Coach Heitland bestows valuable insight on what it takes to be successful at the high school level in our current era.



Show Notes:

Twitter: @dcgfootball


  • 1:25 Introduction and Background of Coach Heitland
  • 2:35 Major coaching influences
  • 3:37 Coach Heitland’s Coaches Mount Rushmore
  • 5:58 Status of the game of Football in Iowa and IFCA
  • 9:26 Foundational beliefs in Dallas Center-Grimes program
  • 12:47 Accountability of players and coaches
  • 14:37 Offensive philosophy
  • 18:11 Quarterback development at Dallas Center-Grimes
  • 21:37 Defensive philosophy
  • 25:31 Coach Heitland’s current professional development
  • 28:05 Walkup Song



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