Episode 19: Jason Eck-South Dakota State

July 4, 2018

Episode 19 features South Dakota State’s Offensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator, Jason Eck.  Coach Eck shares his detailed coaching background, the traits and skills he looks for in an Offensive Lineman, SDSU’s secret to protecting the quarterback, as well as the variations of SDSU’s Power play and how they protect it.  Coach Eck is one of the best and most entertaining coaches to talk ball with and is a genuine individual who gives back to the football coaching community. We feel fortunate to have him on our show and we hope you’ll enjoy his story.


Show Notes

Twitter: @Coach_Eck  


  • 1:14 Background of Coach Eck
  • 2:47 Fundamentals and Non-Negotiables of O-Line
  • 4:08 Secrets to Protecting the QB in Pass Protection
  • 6:12 Staple Run Game Concepts and Variations of Power
  • 8:32 Ways and Plays to Protect Power
  • 10:56 Recruiting Preferences and Secrets
  • 15:55 Walkup Song


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