Episode 23: Jed Kennedy-Brookfield Central High School (HC)

August 8, 2018

Episode 23’s guest is the Head Coach of Brookfield Central High School, Jed Kennedy.  Coach Kennedy will take you through his Single Wing philosophy background and install and unpack the coaching points that make it so successful.  Coach will also discuss personnel within the Single Wing, methods for protecting their power run scheme, and the program and culture building strategies that have produced several state tournament teams.  Coach Kennedy is one of the premier coaching minds on the Single Wing and we were very grateful to have him on our program.


Show Notes

Twitter: @CoachKennedyFB


  • 1:05 Background
  • 1:23 Coming Back to Wisconsin
  • 2:09 Why the Single Wing Offense
  • 4:11 Brookfield Central Version of Single Wing
  • 5:18 Personnel in Single Wing
  • 6:38 Teaching Points and Different Versions of Power
  • 7:48 Complimentary Plays to Power
  • 9:05 Common Defensive Adjustments and Fronts to Single Wing
  • 10:32 Advantages of Adding Spin Series to Single Wing
  • 12:08 Changes to Playcalling within Spin Series
  • 14:00 Practice Structure
  • 15:40 Common Characteristics of Successful Teams
  • 17:45 How to Keep Kids Engaged & Committed to Your Program
  • 20:04 Future of Coach Kennedy
  • 21:51 Walkup Song

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