Episode 35: Kurt Earl-Lincoln Christian (HC) & Culture Coordinator

March 6, 2019

Episode 35 features the head coach of Lincoln Christian and the founder of Culture Coordinator, Kurt Earl.  Coach Earl discusses the keys to building and repairing culture within any program and will discuss strategies for integrating and unifying a culture within any organization.  Coach also shares his growth as a head coach and his future goals for himself, his program, and Culture Coordinator.

Show Notes

Twitter: @KurtEarl14 & @CultureCoord 

Website: https://www.culturecoordinator.com/


0:00-0:50 Anchor Ad

0:50 Intro

2:52 Background

5:11 Foundational Values At Lincoln Christian

6:10 Challenges of a Head Coach/Necessary Qualities for Future Coaches

9:24 Current College Football Programs to Study

11:02 Founding of Culture Coordinator and Mission

14:00 Top Strategy for Improving Fractured Cultures

15:17 Root Causes of Fractures in Culture

17:40 Addressing Toxic Masculinity

20:24 Creating Unity Across All Programs Within a School

25:01 Future Goals of Kurt Earl and Culture Coordinator

28:55 Walkup Song

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