Episode 59: Robert Rubel-Robinson HS (DC)

February 26, 2020

Episode 59 features the defensive coordinator for Robinson HS and host of the Real46Defense website, Robert Rubel.  We discuss the history and evolution of the 46 defense, personnel and adjustments to combat current offensive trends, and tips and strategies for implementing the 46 defense at your school.

Twitter: @CoachRubel

Website: http://www.real46defense.com/

Show Notes

0:00-0:38 Anchor Ad

0:38 Intro

2:11 Background of Coach Rubel

4:11 Attraction of 46 Defense

6:34 Evolution of the 46 Defense

8:29 Ideal Personnel to Build the 46 Defense

13:21 “Blitz-Happy” Stigma

16:10 Varying Your Fronts & Building Your Blitz Packages

18:45 Adaptability of 46 Defense to Modern Offenses

23:28 Latest Offensive Responses to 46 Defense

24:47 Advice to Coaches Considering a Switch to 46 Defense

26:38 46 Defense Resources

28:31 Walkup Song

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