Episode 60: Travis Daugherty-The Lens & Hidden Talent (Author)

March 4, 2020

Episode 60 features author of The Lens and Hidden Talent, Travis Daugherty.  In this episode we discuss the power and role of parents in developing well-rounded, championship level children, while also discussing the role of the coach in developing championship level parents.  We also discuss topics such as handling criticism, entitlement, taking risks, and instant gratification.

Twitter: @CoachTDaugherty

Website: travisdaugherty.com

Show Notes

0:00-0:38 Anchor Ad

0:38 Intro

2:14 Background

3:58 Hidden Talent Characteristics of Champions

6:06 Instant Gratification & Development of Athletes

9:51 Strategies for Helping Parents Frame Athletics In Proper Manner

15:00 Developing Athletes Who Are Great Teammates

17:35 Setting Expectations for Parent Behavior

21:13 Developing Risk Taking Mindset in Athletes

24:35 Coaching Parents & Athletes to Handle Criticism

26:37 Parental Strategies for Preventing Entitlement

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