Episode 61: Matthew Whiat (Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute)

March 11, 2020

Episode 61 features Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute’s Matthew Whiat.  We discuss a relationship centered leadership model, Mr. Whiat’s military influences on his leadership development, time management in leadership, and bridging the gap between how we treat family and how we treat those we work with.

Website: https://www.ccoleadership.com/team/matt-whiat/

Show Notes

0:00-0:38 Anchor Ad

0:39 Intro

2:18 Military Influence on Leadership Development

3:23 Leaders Eat Last with Simon Sinek

5:12 Importance of Relationships in Leadership

8:16 Difference in How We Treat Family vs. How We Treat Colleagues

11:20 Creating a Culture of Value and Empowerment for All

13:21 How to Repair & Manage Fractured Relationships

17:40 Relationships as a Motivational Tool

20:21 Emotional & Time Investment of Being A Transformational Leader

23:53 Critics vs. Relationship Centric Leadership

27:58 Becoming a Victim of Your Own Servitude

29:54 Importance of Collective Core Values

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