Episode 66: Ethan Miller-Mental Performance Coach

April 15, 2020

Episode 66 features Mental Performance Certified coach, keynote speaker, and author of It Doesn’t Happen By Accident: The 6 Keys to ‚ÄčLeading with Intention & It Doesn’t Happen By Accident: Living a Life of Purpose, Ethan Miller.  Ethan will discuss with us the value of mental performance and how unlocking and training the mind can benefit athletes holistically.  He will also share with us tips and technique for developing mentally tough student-athletes that can benefit all organizations.


Twitter: @EthanMiller_MP

Website: http://ethan-miller.com/index.html

Show Notes

0:00-0:38 Anchor Ad

0:38 Intro

2:16 Background

5:58 Influences in Leadership Development

11:18 Importance of Mental Performance at the High School Level

18:43 Getting Athletes to Invest in Mental Performance

24:53 Practicing Mental Performance

31:08 Value of Investing in Mental Performance in Your Program

35:11 Personal Career Goals

39:54 Ethan Miller Books

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