Episode 71: Ron Stolski-Brainerd HS (HC)

May 20, 2020

Episode 71 features the former Head Coach at Brainerd High School, Ron Stolski.  In this episode Coach Stolski relives his coaching career spanning 58 years and details some of the core tenets of his coaching philosophy, recommendations for building a staff and culture, and advice for longevity in today’s coaching profession.  Finally, Coach shares what he hopes to be his legacy in coaching as he wraps up a coaching career for the ages as one of Minnesota’s most winningest coaches in history.  He’s, without a doubt, a coach for the ages and a treasure of the state of Minnesota.


Show Notes

0:00-0:38 Anchor Ad

0:38 Intro

2:27 Coach Stolski Background

3:26 Culture of Coach Stolski’s Programs

5:24 Building a Staff: What to Look For

7:51 Advice for First Time Head Coaches

10:32 Keys to Longevity

14:26 Thing Coach Stolski is Most Proud of in His Career

16:58 Legacy of Coach Stolski

17:38 Story of First Coaching Job & Coach Stolski’s Entry in Coaching

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