Why Us and Why Now?

April 8, 2018

Why Us and Why Now?


In the last month or so I have been approached and asked by a lot of people about the podcast and blog. After the pleasantries, the same question always seems to come around. “Why are you guys going into this venture?” In this blog post I will talk about our journey and how we got to Intentionally Grounded, what we’re trying to provide for you, and hopefully what you can expect from us.


The Beginning

What better place to answer the question we always get, than in our weekly blog post! Our journey started one afternoon when Brian was in my office (I am a PE / Health teacher, so refer to the term “office” loosely) and we were discussing football and the topic turned to what current podcast we were listening to.  We were both raving about the wealth of information that we were gaining from coaches and podcasts like Run the Power and Talking Football with Ron McKie . The one idea that we felt would make a great podcast was one that was around 30 minutes. You could listen on the way to work, on the treadmill, before school etc, etc. With the conversation ending, it really never left my office. Later on in the week, I stopped by Brian’s room (which is littered with Gustavus propaganda and a British flag, please judge him accordingly) and he alluded to his thoughts on really taking the podcast past the “thinking” stage. A week after our initial conversation, Brian informed me he had a website, recording capabilities, and was ready to show me what he had created. I was excited and astonished. Brian did all the leg work and research after we bounced some ideas off of each other and next thing you know, we were ready to record with our first guest!!  We are very thankful for the guidance coach Patrick Taylor shared with us throughout this process. He certainly was a huge asset and very helpful!


Why us?

I can’t speak for him, but this is my first winter in Minnesota, and if you think the football “itch” is bad when it is 60 degrees out and sunny, then you haven’t spent six straight months in sub zero temps. We love to talk ball, much like every other staff in the country, so we decided that there was no better time or place to start our own blog/podcast. We aren’t geniuses or gurus on anything, and I hope we don’t come off as those kind of coaches. We openly love to talk football and will share anything and everything we do and why we do it that way. Chances are, you have a great concept, technique, and teaching point as well! We love to hear that stuff and we want to connect you, the coaches and listeners, to that information!  That’s why we started this, to share, connect, and talk ball with some of the best coaches at every level in the midwest and around the country. It has been a blast and we look forward to doing this for a long time!


Now What?

We have a pretty firm schedule for our readers/listeners. We will always put out a new podcast every Wednesday each week, followed by a new blog post on Sunday. Our reasoning for one item each week is simple: you guys are busy! We don’t want to flood you with so much stuff that it becomes a hassle to read or listen to what we put out there. You have a week before something new comes out. If there is a topic or coaches that you want to hear about, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your wishes. Same goes for our blog, if you want to hear how we do anything here in Fairmont, don’t hesitate to get ahold of Brian or I. This is meant to be a resource for everyone and to put out quality, reliable, and dependable content week to week.



Written by John Kesselring

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