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Episode 72: Jim Tressel-Youngstown St (President)

Episode 72 features the former Ohio State Head Coach and current Youngstown St. University President Jim Tressel. Coach Tressel shares with us lessons from his coaching career, the importance of adaptability,  insights on motivating and... Read More
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Episode 71: Ron Stolski-Brainerd HS (HC)

Episode 71 features the former Head Coach at Brainerd High School, Ron Stolski.  In this episode Coach Stolski relives his coaching career spanning 58 years and details some of the core tenets of his coaching... Read More

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From Home to Visitor

” I knew we would either rally around the last CMB football team ever or it would get divided fairly quick. “ Rob Luther I remember so clearly being a 10 year old boy standing…

The Wave

This article is written by Krista Young about the creation of “The Wave”, made famous by the University of Iowa, that has transcended sports and become one of the game’s most meaningful traditions.   There’s nothing…

The Process of Rebuilding

This article is written by Trevor Arnold, Head Football Coach in Oelwein, Iowa.   Coach Arnold can be followed on Twitter at @trevor__arnold  It was the middle of June when it became official that I would be…

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