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Episode 33: Kelly Holcomb-Former NFL Quarterback

Episode 33 features former NFL quarterback Kelly Holcomb.  Kelly talks about his life in football growing up, the impact quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning had on his development, his transition to the NCAA & NFL,... Read More
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Episode 32: Doug Samuels- Ravenna High School (HC)

Episode 32 features the head coach of Ravenna High School and content manager of FootballScoop, Doug Samuels.  Coach shares his story as a coach and outlines his transition from an offensive coordinator to a head... Read More
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Episode 31: Grant Mollring-Buena Vista University (HC)

Episode 31 features the head coach of Buena Vista University, Grant Mollring.  Coach discusses the impact coaches have had on his coaching career, his tips for quarterback development and recruitment, and the rationale behind his... Read More

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The Wave

This article is written by Krista Young about the creation of “The Wave”, made famous by the University of Iowa, that has transcended sports and become one of the game’s most meaningful traditions.   There’s nothing…

The Process of Rebuilding

This article is written by Trevor Arnold, Head Football Coach in Oelwein, Iowa.   Coach Arnold can be followed on Twitter at @trevor__arnold  It was the middle of June when it became official that I would be…

Reflections of a Runner-Up

***This post is written as a message to the Fairmont Football team of 2018.  It is my way of organizing my thoughts on this past season.  I hope my message and experience this past season…

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