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Episode 81: Lucas Stanton-Solon HS (HC)

Episode 81 features the head coach of Solon High School, Lucas Stanton. Coach Stanton will detail his rise through the coaching ranks, share his influences in the coaching profession that have helped shape his philosophy,... Read More
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Episode 80: Joe Towne-Actor & Peformers Mindset

Joe Towne is an award-winning writer and director who got his degree in Acting from the University of Southern California. He’s been a coach for the past 19 years for both businesses and performers.  As... Read More
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Episode 79: Alex Dachis

Episode 79 features Alex Dachis. Dachis is a Mental Conditioning consultant based out of Washington State. A graduate of the University of Ottawa (Masters degree in Sport Psychology), Alex has worked alongside elite programs, athletes... Read More

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From Home to Visitor

” I knew we would either rally around the last CMB football team ever or it would get divided fairly quick. “ Rob Luther I remember so clearly being a 10 year old boy standing…

The Wave

This article is written by Krista Young about the creation of “The Wave”, made famous by the University of Iowa, that has transcended sports and become one of the game’s most meaningful traditions.   There’s nothing…

The Process of Rebuilding

This article is written by Trevor Arnold, Head Football Coach in Oelwein, Iowa.   Coach Arnold can be followed on Twitter at @trevor__arnold  It was the middle of June when it became official that I would be…

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