Episode 13: Brian Bergstrom- South Dakota State

May 30, 2018

In Episode 13, we had the exciting chance to speak with South Dakota State University Safeties coach Brian Bergstrom. Coach Bergstrom shares his successes and experiences, ranging from his playing days, through his various stops along his coaching career. Coach also details the individual drills and coverage schemes that have yielded great success throughout his career. Finally, coach discusses how modern defenses are adjusting to RPO’s and what SDSU has done to combat them. Coach Bergstrom’s insightful reflection on the game of football is one you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes

  • Twitter: @Coach_Bergy 
  • Outline
    • 1:39 Introduction and Background of Coach Bergstrom
    • 3:16 Gustavus Rouser
    • 3:59 Lessons from playing at the collegiate level
    • 7:28 Differences coaching at high school vs college
    • 9:15 Desirable qualities of Safeties
    • 13:48 Safety Indy drills and their purposes
    • 18:58 Most difficult routes & concepts to defend
    • 21:59 Match Quarters in the SDSU system
    • 25:28 RPOs and how to defend them
    • 30:32 Advice to high school coaches
    • 35:29 Walkup Song

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