Episode 17: Chris Kappas-Mount Union (OC)

June 21, 2018

Episode 17 features Mount Union’s offensive coordinator, Chris Kappas. Coach outlines the Mount Union offense and shares the teaching points that make it simple, multiple, and successful.  Coach also discusses the keys to Mount Union’s passing efficiency, teaching points for 4 Verts in the Mount Union offense, and the adjustments made to the passing game inside the red zone. Coach Kappas’ journey to become the offensive coordinator at a national champion is an engaging one, that saw him become a nationally acclaimed defensive coordinator, before making the switch to offense.  


Show Notes:

Twitter: @CKappas


  • 1:30 Introduction
  • 4:30 Transition from Defensive Coordinator to Offensive Coordinator
  • 6:35 Difficulties Defending the Mount Union Offense
  • 8:03 Simple with Variety: Unwrapping The Mount Union Offense
  • 8:57 Keys to Mount Union’s Passing Efficiency
  • 10:11 Teaching Quarterbacks to Read Coverage
  • 12:15 Staple Passing Concepts of Mount Union Offense
  • 14:17 Teaching 4 Verticals
  • 17:43 Quarterback Individual Drills
  • 20:20 Tips for Improving Play Action Passing
  • 22:27 Quarterback Freedom at The Line of Scrimmage
  • 23:40 Red Zone Concepts and Formations
  • 24:53 Coaching at a Tradition-rich College
  • 27:09 Future for Coach Kappas
  • 29:20 Walkup Song

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