Episode 24: Gordy Shaw-Former OL Coach University of Minnesota

August 15, 2018

Episode 24’s guest is the former Offensive Line coach for the University of Minnesota, Gordy Shaw.  Coach Shaw shares stories from his many years coaching at different stops throughout his time in collegiate football.  He also discusses his beliefs on offensive line play and the points of emphasis on developing a strong run game. Finally, Coach Shaw reflects on the most memorable stadiums, players, games, and accomplishments from his coaching tenure, and discusses his future in the game of football.

Show Notes

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  • 1:16 Background
  • 9:02 Challenges and Evolution of University of Minnesota
  • 14:37 Run Game Foundational Plays at U of MN
  • 17:54 Teaching Points of Inside/Outside Zone
  • 23:42 Coaching Barber and Maroney and Adapting the Offense
  • 28:45 Gordy Shaw as a Playcaller
  • 30:46 Favorite Shot Play
  • 31:45 Only Can Run One Play During a Game
  • 32:45 Most Memorable Athlete Coached
  • 36:47 Favorite Stadium
  • 39:06 Walkup Song

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