Episode 27: Bronson Bradley- Mt. Pleasant High School (HC)

January 9, 2019

Episode 2 of Season 2 features the Head Football Coach of Mt. Pleasant High School, in Mt. Pleasant Tennessee, Bronson Bradley.  Coach Bradley discusses core program building values, the adaptations made to Mt. Pleasant’s Single Wing Offense, drills and teaching points to running a successful Single Wing Offense, and lessons learned from power-lifting that he has infused into the Mt. Pleasant Program.


Show Notes

Twitter: @1wingCoachB 


  • 0:00 Anchor Ad
  • 0:52 Intro
  • 2:13 Background 
  • 4:35 Character Building Strategies Within Program
  • 5:58 Evolution of Bronson Bradley as a Coach
  • 7:32 Roots of the Single Wing and How It Has Evolved At Mt. Pleasant
  • 11:27 Install Schedule for Single Wing
  • 13:56 Coaching Tips and Drills for the Direct-Snap
  • 17:34 Teaching Points Vital to Single Wing Success
  • 21:11 Drills Used to Teach Backfield Action
  • 23:37 Personnel 
  • 26:30 Lessons from Power-Lifting 
  • 30:44 Future Goals for Coach Bradley and Mt. Pleasant
  • 33:04 Walk-up Song


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