Episode 28: Jerry Kill- Former NCAA Head Coach

January 16, 2019

Episode 28 features the former head coach of the University of Minnesota, Jerry Kill.  Coach Kill talks about his career in coaching, his methods for building a staff and maintaining its loyalty, and the importance of motivating players and establishing relationships with them.  Coach also talks about his favorite memories from his coaching days, as well as his continued dedication towards bringing awareness to Epilepsy.


Show Notes

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0:00 Anchor Ad

0:52 Intro

2:34 Coach Kill’s Childhood Growing Up in Kansas

3:37 Appeal of Rebuilding Programs 

5:00 Keys to Rebuilding Programs

6:32 Keys to Establishing Relationships

8:26 Connecting and Motivating ALL Players

9:50 Mount Rushmore of Coached Players

12:20 Ideal Offensive & Defensive Schemes for Coach Kill

15:04 Favorite Football Venues to Coach In

16:34 Most Memorable Games Coached 

20:09 Chasing Dreams Foundation & Fighting Epilepsy

22:55 Advice for Younger Coaches

24:27 Walkup Song




Motivating Players

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