Episode 29: Gary Pinkel- Former NCAA Head Coach

January 23, 2019

Episode 29 features the former head coach of the University of Missouri, Gary Pinkel.  Coach Pinkel discusses lessons the game of football has taught him and how coaches like Don James have influenced his development of his football coaching philosophy and program style.  Coach also details his keys to building a loyal coaching staff, his infamous Thursday talks, and the legacy he hopes to leave behind with all the players, coaches, and programs he has served for.  

Show Notes

Twitter: @GaryPinkel


0:00 Anchor Ad

0:52 Intro

2:08 Football Career Growing Up in Ohio

5:49 Coaching Under Don James and His Impact & Legacy

9:53 Relationship With & Impact of Nick Saban

14:19 Building a Staff & Desirable Characteristics of Assistant Coaches

16:30 Developing Staff Continuity

18:58 “Thursday Talks”

21:30 Mount Rushmore of Players Coached

24:45 Mizzou/Kansas Rivalry

28:03 How Coach Pinkel Wants to Be Remembered

30:42 Advice For Younger Coaches

32:53 Future Plans for Coach Pinkel

37:45 Walkup Song

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