Episode 30: Rick Darlington-Enterprise High School (HC)

January 30, 2019

Episode 30 features the new head coach of Enterprise High School, Coach Rick Darlington.  Coach Darlington discusses the keys to a successful transition to a new job, his core values for his program, and his strategies for building rapport and respect with players.  Coach Darlington also installs his Single Wing offense and details the different series and compliments that he’s used to turn his Single Wing offense into a perennial power. Finally, coach discusses the troubling trends in football that have emerged at the high school level and offers solutions to help improve the quality of experiences for our players.  

Show Notes

Twitter: @EHSwildcatsfb

Website: http://www.coachrickdarlington.com


0:00-0:50 Anchor Ad

0:50 Intro

2:36 Background of Coach Darlington

5:50 Core Program Values

9:40 Tasks of Coaches During Job Transition

10:50 Building Trust With New Players

12:40 Influences of Single Wing

14:12 Fitting Personnel in Single Wing

15:47 Power Series

17:56 Spin Series

18:33 Best Resources to Learn Single Wing

20:23 Evolution of Single Wing Offense

21:40 Biggest Issues Facing High School Athletics Today

23:41 Expectations for Enterprise Program

24:50 Walkup Song

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One comment on “Episode 30: Rick Darlington-Enterprise High School (HC)

  1. Chris Mahan Jan 31, 2019

    Totally awesome coach. The countdown to kickoff has begun! There has never been more anticipation of a single season to begin at EHS then there is in 2019. Thanks coach Darlington for coming to EHS and for bringing hope back to a once proud and winning program.

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