Episode 31: Grant Mollring-Buena Vista University (HC)

February 6, 2019

Episode 31 features the head coach of Buena Vista University, Grant Mollring.  Coach discusses the impact coaches have had on his coaching career, his tips for quarterback development and recruitment, and the rationale behind his offensive style and philosophy.  Coach also reflects on his first two years at Buena Vista, and explains the challenges and successes that have come during his time as a head coach.


Show Notes

Twitter: @BVUCoachMo 

Website: https://www.bvuathletics.com/sports/fball/index


0:00-0:50 Anchor Ad

0:50 Intro

3:18 Background of Coach Mollring

5:05 Development and Recruiting of Quarterbacks

6:26 Difficulty in Developing Accuracy

7:51 Transition to Iowa and Buena Vista

9:27 Building Relationships with High School Coaches

11:14 Lessons and Schemes from Hastings College

12:45 Offensive Philosophy and System

14:06 Challenges and Successes at Buena Vista

16:17 Desirable Recruiting Traits at Buena Vista

18:03 Future Goals for Coach Mollring

19:04 Walkup Song

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