Episode 39: Andrew Aurich-Princeton University (OC)

April 3, 2019

Episode 39 features the offensive coordinator at Princeton University, Andrew Aurich.  Coach details his career as a player at Princeton and discusses his journey in the coaching profession that landed him back with his Alma Mater.  Coach also discusses the keys behind Princeton becoming the 6th rated rushing offense in the nation in 2018, ways to protect your best run plays, and how coaches can create successful offensive lineman in their own program.


Show Notes

Twitter: @Coach_Aurich 


0:00-0:50 Anchor Ad

0:50 Intro

2:53 Background of Coach Aurich

4:55 Attraction of Princeton

6:03 Evolution of Princeton Football Program

8:15 Challenges of Coaching in Ivy League

9:59 Key Run Game

11:54 Protecting your Base Run Game

14:44 Coach Aurich Style of Offense

15:45 How to Develop Quality Offensive Lineman

17:59 Offensive Line Communication in Up-Tempo Scheme

20:37 Most Influential Experiences in Personal Development

22:58 Walkup Song

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