Episode 41: John Michaletti-Kansas Wesleyan (DC)

April 17, 2019

Episode 41 features the defensive coordinator of Kansas Wesleyan University, John Michaletti.  Coach recalls the impact of his playing career on his development as a coach, along with the challenges that accompany being a young coordinator at your alma mater.  Coach also discusses how to create an effective defensive system, advancements in secondary play, and methods for defending modern RPOs. Aspiring defensive coordinators will not want to miss the lessons shared in this week’s episode!


Show Notes

Twitter: @MichalettiKWU


0:00-0:50 Anchor Ad

0:50 Intro

2:55 Background of Coach Michaletti

4:14 Lessons Learned From Playing Career at St. Ambrose

5:36 Coaching at Alma Mater

7:56 Difficulty of Being a Coordinator at a Young Age

9:30 Desirable Skills & Biggest Adjustment for Recruits

11:32 Indy Period with Coach Michaletti

13:32 Most Challenging Offenses to Defend

15:01 Match Quarters at KWU

16:19 Defending RPOs

18:07 Advice to Aspiring Defensive Coordinators

18:57 Walkup Song

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