Episode 44: Steve Hamilton-Elk River (HC)

May 8, 2019

Episode 44 features the head coach of Elk River High School, Steve Hamilton. Coach shares his journey from coaching high school football in Michigan and Georgia, to turning around Elk River into one of Minnesota’s elite programs. We also discuss Elk River’s dominant Power T offense and learn its techniques, schematics, and practice structure for implementing and teaching the offense at any level.  

Show Notes



0:00-0:50 Anchor Ad

0:51 Intro

2:50 Background of Coach Hamilton

3:40 Coaching in Minnesota vs. Michigan & Georgia

5:13 Attraction of Elk River

6:30 Rationale for Power T

8:09 Building the Run Game With Off-Tackle

9:13 Offensive Line Fundamentals in Power T

10:51 Variations of Power T Run Schemes

12:01 Personnel to Excel in Power T

13:36 Creating Discipline in Carrying Out Fakes

14:45 Advice for Coaches Installing Power T

16:11 New Challenges With Success

17:08 Walkup Song

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